After a bumpy start to the 90th Jubilee Season, and off the back of a 3-week hiatus, Western Springs Speedway roars back into action Saturday 30th November for the Porter Group North Island Sprintcar Championship, and Grand Millennium North Island Midget Championship as well. The appointment of Dave West to look after the track will come as welcome relief to some competitors who faced a challenging opening night on November 1st in front a sensational Friday Night Crowd for the Fireworks Spectacular.

The challenging track conditions resulted in an extended break, throwing the race schedule upside down, however, a reduced Midget field put on an exciting feature which timed within 3 seconds of the 20-lap track record. At the drop of the green, Hayden Williams led away to be joined at the front of the field by Michael Pickens. On lap 10, Pickens made his move and took the lead. To his credit, Williams kept within striking distance and when Pickens left half a gap on the inside trying to pass a lapped car, Williams pounced. However, the race wasn’t decided until the very last corner with lapped traffic once again a factor. Pickens attempted a winning move on an untried higher line exiting turn 4 but only found marbles, leaving the pole open for Brock Maskovich to steal second place.

Pickens secured a measure of revenge in a shortened 10-lap Sprintcar feature, making early moves on Jamie Larsen and Dean Brindle to take the win. The battle of the race was between Larsen and Brindle who diced for second through lapped traffic, Larsen prevailing. Christchurch based TQ national champion 1nz Jeremy Webb made an appearance, showing plenty of speed in a fine second-place finish behind local stand out 88a Scott Baker. Rising star 97a Ben Morrison put on the performance of the race, claiming 3rd from 8th on the grid. 14a Kenny Roberts took out a combative F2 Midget feature, clearing away from 25a Travis Buckley and 27a Lindsay Gate.

Official Results:


Heat One – 91a Hayden Guptill, 61a Brad Hollier, 98a Matt McCutcheon, 93a Kayne Buck, 78a Kent Palmer

Heat Two – 1nz Michael Pickens, 9k Michael Brunt, 27a Hayden Williams, 33a James Cossey, 46a Craig Jeffries

Feature – 27a Hayden Williams, 5a Brock Maskovich, 1nz Michael Pickens, 91a Hayden Guptill, 9k Michael Brunt


Heat One – 3nz Michael Pickens, 78c Matthew Leversedge, 35a Rob Vazey, 21a Kerry Brocas, 22a Dean Brindle

Heat Two – 2nz Jamie Larsen, 22a Dean Brindle, 51m Rodney Wood, 10a Glen Torpey, 62a Dave Witton

Feature – 3nz Michael Pickens, 2nz Jamie Larsen, 22a Dean Brindle, 51m Rodney Wood, 78c Matthew Leversedge

TQ Midgets

Heat One – 6b Duane Todd, 41a Jakeb LeCren, 88a Scott Baker, 24a Harrison Martens, 44a Jeremy Patterson

Heat Two – 97a Ben Morrison, 1nz Jeremy Webb, 67a Kaleb Currie, 35a Cieran Rose, 5a Christopher Lane

Heat Three – 46a Aaron Humble, 88a Scott Baker, 36a Cole Morrison, 2nz Peter Hunnibell, 6b Duane Todd

Feature – 88a Scott Baker, 1nz Jeremy Webb, 97a Ben Morrison, 2nz Peter Hunnibell, 46a Aaron Humble

F2 Midgets

Heat One – 14a Kenny Roberts, 10a Mitch Osborne, 81a Leyton Kendall, 72a Mike Driver, 9a Sam Cometti

Heat Two – 7a Ben Matthews, 24a Brad Robertson, 86a Adam Davis, 25a Travis Buckley, 15a Steven Jeffries

Heat Three – 69a Corbin Anderson, 8a Joshua Matthews, 83a Daryl Webster, 25a Travis Buckley, 47a Brynn Jackson

Heat Four – 10a Mitch Osborne, 27a Lindsay Gate, 14a Kenny Roberts, 7a Ben Matthews, 35a Brad McCutcheon

Feature – 14a Kenny Roberts, 25a Travis Buckley, 27a Lindsay Gate, 35a Brad McCutcheon, 24a Brad Robertson

Quarter Midgets

Heat One – 5a Bryce Pennington, 15a Kate Groshinski, 54a Keiano Weir, 49a Reagan Edwards, 8a Shayden Austin

Finally, for everyone that’s asking for the entry lists, keep your eye out on our pages this Friday when we’ll release more information.