Western Springs Speedway needs your help – please share this


If we don’t take the time to ‘have our say’ with the Auckland City Council
next March may be the end of Speedway at the Western Springs venue.
Please take the time to either send them an email at this address
Email – akhaveyoursay@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz
post your feedback on Facebook at this link: facebook.com/aklcouncil
Feel free to express yourselves, however, we don’t need any colourful language as it will have your submission thrown out.
Here are some ideas to use in your message:
• Speedway has been there for 90 years, since 1929.
• It is family friendly and a great night out for everyone.
• Only 12 nights a year
• Mention how long you and your family have gone.
• The crowds are huge, the atmosphere is unlike anything else in Auckland.
We need over 50,000 submissions before 8pm Wednesday 28th March, so spread the word.