Webb Makes History & Sunshine Repeats

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Jeremy Webb has become the first driver in the history of our sport to win three consecutive New Zealand TQ titles. On an uber slick track that developed a late second line, Webb’s chances appeared over in the early stages when contact saw the 1nz fired to the infield. Webb emerged in 10th place, confronted with a seemingly impossible task of running through the best in the land. That’s exactly what Webb did, reeling off a series of passes.

When Webb claimed second place on lap 18, he was the best part of a straight behind race leader Ryan Baker. A combination of lapped traffic and Webb’s late race pace saw the race reach a climactic finish. With Webb hot on his tail, Baker tried to split lapped traffic on the last lap. It came unstuck on the exit of Pine Tree Bend when contact ended the race for Baker a mere 300 meters short of a potential national title win.

Reverting to the last completed lap, a two-lap dash for glory concluded an otherwise caution free race. Webb streaked away whilst behind him Ryan Barry got the better of Ben Morrison for 2nz and 3nz respectively. Scott Baker a brilliant 4th from grid 13.

An early race melee in the King of the Springs Midget feature saw a number of early retirements, notably Michael Pickens and Travis Mills. With Zeb Wise also on the infield, it was left to Tyler Courtney and Kyle Larson to compete for the win. Courtney repelled Larson’s early slide job attack and moved by Aaron Hodgson to establish a lead. Through the middle stages of the race, Larson closed the gap, the first of the leader duo to find the pole in Town Bend.

With Larson rapidly closing, Courtney also found the bottom in Town Bend, nullifying Larson’s avenue of attack. Kaidon Brown raced to an outstanding third, the first Australian to record three international midget series podiums in a single season this side of the millennium. Chris Windom raced his way to fourth from grid 15 ahead of north island champion Aaron Hodgson and Brett Morris Jr.

Matthew Leversedge took out the Sprintcar feature, a smooth move up the inside of Daniel Eggleton good for the win. Behind the lead duo, Michael Pickens and Jamie Larsen staged the battle of the race, Pickens prevailing for third. With no local registered competitors winning in the national classes, Australian Tom Callaghan threatened to make it a non-Auckland sweep in the F2 Midgets. Callaghan led early but couldn’t resist the runs of Corbin Anderson, Mitch Osborne and finally Leyton Kendall.

New Zealand TQ Title
Heat One – Shayne Minchington, Troy Pennington, Ryan Baker, Aaron Humble, Duane Todd
Heat Two – Ryan Barry, Jeremy Webb, Kaleb Currie, Cole Morrison, David Wilson
Heat Three – Harrison Martens, Ben Morgan, Danny Keene, Jakeb Le Cren, Scott Baker
Heat Four – Ryan Baker, Duane Todd, Kaleb Currie, Mike Harrison, Troy Pennington
Heat Five – Ben Morrison, Peter Hunnibell, Jeremy Webb, Ryan Barry, Ben Morgan
Semi Main – Liam McCoubrey, Jakeb LeCren, Paul LeCren, Morgan McHugh, Mike Harrison
Title Race – Jeremy Webb, Ryan Barry, Ben Morrison, Scott Baker, Morgan McHugh

Heat One – Zeb Wise, Ryan O’Connor, Hayden Williams, Zach Daum, Michael Pickens
Heat Two – Peter Hunnibell, Brett Morris Jnr, Travis Mills, Kaidon Brown, James Earl
Heat Three – James Cossey, Travis Buckley, Aaron Hodgson, Matthew McCutcheon, Nathan Howard
Heat Four – Tyler Courtney, Hayden Guptill, Robert Heard, Shayne Alach, Michael Pickens
Heat Five – Kyle Larson, Nathan Howard, Logan Seavey, Aaron Hodgson, Chris Windom
Semi Main – Logan Seavey, Matthew McCutcheon, Peter Hunnibell, Ryan O’Connor, James Earl
Feature – Tyler Courtney, Kyle Larson, Kaidon Brown, Chris Windom, Aaron Hodgson

Heat One – Michael Pickens, Dave Witton, Matthew Leversedge, Keaton Dahm, Dion Kendall
Heat Two – Daniel Eggleton, Dean Brindle, Jamie Larsen, Tyler Radovan, Matthew Leversedge
Feature – Matthew Leversedge, Daniel Eggleton, Michael Pickens, Jamie Larsen, Dean Brindle

F2 Midgets
Heat One – Mitch Osborne, Leyton Kendall, Corbin Anderson, Daryl Webster, Travis Buckley
Heat Two – Tom Callaghan, Mitch Osborne, Jordan McDonnell, Adam Davis, Ben Cometti
Feature – Corbin Anderson, Mitch Osborne, Leyton Kendall, Tom Callaghan, Jordan McDonnell

Matthew Percival