Vodafone Speedway Western Springs Fanclub deal

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Last year we thought it might be a great idea to put the offer out to our fans and let them pay off their season entry passes and it proved to be very popular, so we’d love to do it again. This is a great way to purchase your entry passes as it would cost around $21.00 per show which is a huge saving.

You will need to be an official Vodafone Speedway Western Springs ‘Fan Club Member’ to take advantage of this offer, and here is how it works:

If you are already a ‘Fan Club Member’ this will need to be renewed at a cost of $15.00. To become and new member this will cost you $20.

The benefits of becoming a member is that you will get the following:

Receive 11 meetings on your 17/18 season entry cards.
You will be automatically entered into prize draws throughout the season
Hear all the latest news first via Fanclub ‘member only’ mailing list.
As a ‘Fan Club Member’ can enter the stadium at 3.30pm instead of 4pm

If you get started in June and are purchasing one membership and an 11 entry pass, this will cost you around $10 per week, once fully paid your package will be couriered out to you. This pre-season offer will need to be paid in full by opening night of the 17-18 season.

To take up on this offer, please phone Melissa on 09 588 4050 or email Melissa@springspromotions.co.nz and shewill guide you through the process.