EJ002 - racing championship ring - V3 - SL

The United Truck Parts International Midget Series now lines up the World 50 Lapper which is set to run this Saturday night. Racing starts at 5:45pm with Gates opening at 4pm.
This is the race that all the drivers want to add to their ‘list of achievements’. This race has been won by all the great drivers over time. Based on what we have all witnessed so far in the racing at Western Springs, this year isn’t going to any different. I imagine the TAB will be scratching their heads trying to work out the odds for this one.
The winner will receive both a cheque for $10,000 and the coveted ‘Championship Ring’. Both the driver and the car owner receive one each, and it’s the only way you can get one of these rings, you can’t buy one, you have to win it.
With a total prize pay-out on this race of over $28,000 each driver will be on the top of their game.
“Its tough just to make the main race”, said Greg Mosen – Promoter, ‘their qualifying lap is so important, you have to find the right line to run on, then hit your marks, every time, or your in big trouble”, he said.
The drivers, crews and car owners will be triple checking every nut and bolt for this one, having not stopped for the past 2 weeks running in this Series, they will be tired and probably running on adrenalin.
The world will be watching this race with the Speed Shift TV live streaming of the entire nights racing action.
We all wait in anticipation.