The final round of the United Truck Parts International Midget Series has arrived, and the infamous World 50 Lapper is set to run on Saturday night. Racing starts at 5:45pm with Gates opening at 4pm.
The 50 Lapper has a different race format so we thought we would share the details with you.
This event will run qualifying times in groups of 3 cars, 2 x Semi-Mains, B-Dash, A-Dash and an A Main. 50 lap Feature starts 24 cars.
• All competitors will be placed into groups of 3 drivers.
• These groups will be seeded to ensure the group of three drivers compete at a similar pace/level.
• Each group will nominate a driver, who will draw the ‘qualifying order’ marble at Drivers briefing.
• It is the responsibility of these drivers to ensure they are positioned evenly around the race track ready to complete their two laps. The Green Flag will drop as the lead car passes the start/finish line for the second time, regardless of where the balance of the group is on the track or if they are ready or not.
• Each car may be accompanied by a Crew Chief on the infield. The infield is considered ‘The Dummy Grid’ so changes may be made to the cars, provided they are ready to run when called by the Track Officials.
• If a car fails to finish the qualifying and no time recorded, then the driver failed to qualify. This competitor will then start from the rear of one of the Semi Mains.
• If a car fails to start and did not take the green flag, and a backup car is used, the competitor will resume the qualifying lap(s) at the end of the qualifying session. The driver must then compete in this back up car for the remainder of the night.
• If a car does take the green flag and stops on the first lap, then this same driver/car combination may run their final lap at the end of the qualifying session. In this instance, a back-up car may be used however the driver/car combination must be used for the rest of the night. This would then be a final lap qualifier lap. Once the white flag is passed by a competitor, both laps of qualifying are deemed to have been taken.

Semi Main(s)
• The expectation is there will be approx. 9 cars in each these two races. The competitors will be separated into each Semi Main based on their qualifying times. Fastest non-qualifier to Grid 1 in Semi Main 1, second fastest non-qualifier to Grid 1 of Semi Main 2, third non-qualifier to Grid 2 of Semi Main 1 and so on.
• The top four cars from each Semi Main transfer to the A Main.

• The 9th to the 16th qualifier will start this race in the order they posted their qualifying times. They will be joined by the winner of each Semi Main, who start from the rear of this race.
• The B-Dash is a 10 Lap race, and the finishing order, with the exception of the two transferring cars, determines their starting position in the A Main from position 11th back to 18th.
• Each car is entitled to one restart as directed by the Referee.

• The eight (8) drivers with the fastest qualifying times will participate in the A-Dash to determine the Feature starting grid order. They will be joined by the top 2 finishers in the B Dash.
• This race is scheduled to run 10 laps. Each car is entitled to one restart as directed by the Referee

A Main Feature:
• Made up of the 10 cars in the A-Dash, along with the remaining 6 from the B-Dash, and the 4 non-qualifiers from each of the Semi Mains.

It can be a bit confusing, however the seasoned fans will understand this with ease.
For leaderboards, event details and tickets go to www.springsspeedway.com