Trans-Tasman Sidecar Clash


Vodafone Speedway – Western Springs has a huge weekend ahead with two parts to the race schedule, one of them is the Trans-Tasman Side Car Clash. This will be the first time we have seen the best riders from Australia here to take on our local lads at Western Springs for longer than we can all remember.
The ‘Clash’ will see four bikes from each country, compete in a number of Test Races. The six Test Races will have riders representing both countries and the winning country will be the one who has the most points from all the races combined. All the riders will have the chance to race everyone, so it’s fair for both countries.
The riders from Australia are the best there is, most of which compete in the Oceania Series in Australia which is now considered harder to win that the Australian Title. These bikes are worth upwards of $45,000 producing in excess of 200 hp. Above all else, they still don’t have any brakes.
“I am thrilled to be here to race against these Kiwi riders”, said Grant Bond – 2014 Australian Champion, “however, I think this team we have bought over will take this one out”, he said.

Entry List:

Team New Zealand
6A Peter Adams/Jason Hira
6P Derek Ramsey/Matthew Ramsey
3NZ Jamie Moohan/Jacob Cooper
46A Russell Stewart/Andy Parker

Team Australia
39P Andrew Buchanan/Denny Cox
27 Grant Bond/Glenn Cox
71 Shane Hudson/Eli Wright
35 Mark Mitchell /Luke Mitchell

All the classes will be running at Vodafone Speedway, which starts at 6pm.
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