Torpey looks to move forward in 2015/16


Glenn Torpey returns for another season at WXC Speedway – Western Springs looking to move forward in the highly competitive Sprintcar field.

Torpey will campaing the same Maxim chassis as last year, once again with Kriner power under the hood. Also carrying on from last year is sponsorship from Mitre 10 Trade Racing and Verlandia.

“We’re really lucky, we’ve been involved with Mitre 10 for a long time now, from when we first started racing Sprintcars and those guys have been behind us right from day one. It’s just so awesome to have a relationship like that.”

For the 2015/16 season at The Springs, Torpey is looking to at a few avenues to move the Mitre 10 car closer to the front of the field, which he sums up fairly simply with his goal for the season.

“Go faster than last year! We’re going to really concentrate on our set up and a few things like that. It’s very critical (to get the car set up right.)”

And will that be enough to see Torpey move into the battle with the likes of Dean Brindle, Jamie McDonald and Daniel Eggleton?

“We’ll try our best, we’re pretty weekend racers and I think those guys are a bit more serious than us, but we’ll definitely be going as hard as we can. We’re gonna put more effort in on our set ups than we ever have and try and get the car a fair bit faster.”

Like many of his counterparts in the ‘Winged Warriors’, a certain season highlight for Torpey is the chance to compete against some of the biggest names in the Sprintcar world with the Porter Hire International Sprintcar series on November 28 and December 5.

“I do look forward to the International series at Western Springs, I think it’s quite critical for us guys, it gives us something to set our sights on as a benchmark as to how you’re performing.”

However he is quite frank in his assessment of what it is like to race against the best Sprintcar drivers in the world.

“It’s great to be racing with those guys because you realise just how rubbish you are when you are racing there. Those guys are professionals and we’re mild weekend racers. When you’re running 120 shows a year with unlimited budgets, you tend to be pretty ruthless!”

Although he might not be challenging for the NZ1 just yet, Torpey is a keen speedway man and sees a night on the terraces at The Springs as an ideal family night out.

“Come along, bring the family and have a great night, because it really is a great night at Western Springs. Call into the pits and let the kids have a sit in the car. It’s great!”