Tony Stewart meets the team at The Rock


Today was the beginning of a reasonably busy schedule for Tony Stewart, and this picture was taken at The Rock with Rog, Bryce and Mulls just after they had a chat.
Tony lamented that he enjoyed the interview as these guys played his type of music and he liked their relaxed style, especially the questions about the Lambo back home in the garage.
The interview can be seen online here from tomorrow:
Tony is keen to promote the racing at both Western Springs and further south at Palmerston North. “Its great to finally be here in New Zealand,” said Tony Stewart, “the weather is great and it sure beats the zero temperatures back home,” he said.
Tony has made several appearances including a chat with Andrew Saville – TV One, which should air tonight on One News, and he will chat with Michael Holland on 7 Sharp Thursday night about the helmet that will be won by a fan this Saturday night at the venue.


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