The Young Guns of Western Springs


We decided to ask our young guns a few questions as this week we will be holding the first ever ‘King of the Quarters’ which will be an 8 lap race for these young superstars. The winner will receive a cup which will be kept for the year and handed onto the new winner next year.
Q: How did you get into ¼ midget racing?
Emerson Vincent 10A: I’ve always wanted to race ¼ midgets after watching them at Western Springs.
Travis Buckley 25A: I’ve been going to speedway since I was 3 months old with my dad and it’s a family tradition to race at speedway. We were looking for a car one day and stumbled across a quarter midget and dad liked it so that’s that.
Dylan Cooke 18A: My Dad has raced speedway for years so naturally I have always wanted to race.
Kate Groshinski 15A: My Dad drove TQ’s and my grandad drove midgets. My dad just asked if I wanted to drive as well, so when I turned 8 I tried the club car to see what I thought. I wanted to race so we bought a car from Christchurch and I’ve been racing ever since.

Q: Do you see yourself eventually moving onto another class and if so which one and why?
Emerson Vincent 10A: I would like to move up to the midget class because I like fast things and I want to travel the world.
Travis Buckley 25A: Yes!!! I would like to race an F2 for two seasons and then hopefully midgets if I’m good enough.
Dylan Cooke 18A: Yes I would like to step up to TQ’s because that would be the natural next step, then maybe step up to another class after that.
Kate Groshinski 15A: I’m not sure what class, but probably F2’s. I just want to keep racing.

Q: Do you have a favourite class and in your opinion, what is the most exciting race in New Zealand’s annual speedway calendar?
Emerson Vincent 10A: My favourite class is midgets and my favourite race is the King of the Springs because that was the night I won my first ¼ midget race for the first time.
Travis Buckley 25A: My favourite class is midgets by far as they are the most appealing class and my favourite race is definitely all of the International races and the New Zealand Title.
Dylan Cooke 18A: My favourite class is midgets and the International Series is my favourite event.
Kate Groshinski 15A: My favourite class is the Kiwi Kidz because I’m in it! The most exciting event for me is when the Americans come over and they do the midget champs and all that.

Q: Who inspires you as a driver and why?
Emerson Vincent 10A: Brad Mosen inspires me because he talks to me.
Travis Buckley 25A: My family as they’ve always been there for me and I have watched them race for a long time and when I got into speedway they do the same, so my family inspires me.
Dylan Cooke 18A: My dad inspires me because I have watched him race since I was 4 months old and Michael Pickens because he is so good.
Kate Groshinski 15A: I really like Rob Atchison who is an F2 driver. I just like how he is still racing at a mature age and he still does well.

Q: What goals did you set for yourself this season at Vodafone Speedway – Western Springs?
Emerson Vincent 10A: My goals for the season were to win a feature and always be in the top 3.
Travis Buckley 25A: Win more races and go faster.
Dylan Cooke 18A: To do the best I can in every race.
Kate Groshinski 15A: My main goal for this season was to finish races and get as many good placings as possible. I’ve had some trouble with my motor but it seems to be slowly coming right. I also want to try and get a win here. Fingers crossed!

Q: What do you enjoy doing away from the speedway track?
Emerson Vincent 10A: Karting.
Travis Buckley 25A: Playing basketball, singing and anything to do with racing.
Dylan Cooke 18A: Rugby and playing with my friends.
Kate Groshinski 15A: I play netball, I enjoy painting and drawing a lot and I really like hanging out with my friends.