The RFA seem committed to their strategy to move Speedway out of their rightful home at the Western Springs venue. Time and time again we hear them say that the end is inevitable and the sport will move from the Western Springs venue next year.
The large majority of Councillors and Mayor Phil Goff have a different perspective and each time they are pressed to state their position on this proposed RFA initiative, they are clear, that there is no money to do this.
The Council have plans to sign off on its ‘10 year plan’ at the end of May 2018 and their priorities as stated in this article posted today, are in support of the likes of housing, transport and the environment, not a 4-storey glass entrance at Western Springs Stadium for the odd International Cricket match.
The wave of support is growing for Speedway to remain at its home of 90 years, and this is another clear signal from the people who make these decisions that the RFA are going to be sent back to the drawing board in a month to further research a suitable Stadium Strategy that suits everyone, not the current version which seems to suit themselves.
This is a great sign, and we appreciate the common sense approach being taken by the Auckland City Council, well done.
The article can be read here: