‘The new look website goes live’

After weeks of work by the team at Grand Creative Limited, we are pleased to have our new look website up and running today.

The previous site was challenged by the way technology had moved, so it was time to give it a facelift, and now the functionality is great. The site now works with the new smartphones we all use, which is often how most people operate today.

Take the time to wander through the various tabs on the site, and you will find a number of new sections. One is the description of each class, best lap times, and other bits of info that can be of interest.

The photo section will continue to expand with photos coming from our in house photographers, and we will pick the best of the best to be part of the rotating home page selection.

Enjoy the site, and of course you will be able to use the free WiFi at the venue on race nights to check out the updates.

For ticket enquiries, go to www.ticketek.co.nz, or now from this site which is www.springsspeedway.com.