Western Springs Speedway, Auckland Champs, Auckland, New Zealand on the 26th November 2016. Copyright photo: Jeremy Ward /

Wayne Green is the car owner running Michael Brunt in the #9 CP3/Toyota powered Midget and he is now counting down the days to add his USA driver, Zach Daum.
Zach was here last year, and in fact raced in Australia at the same time. He is a seasoned driver and will be driving the GREENWAY USA #10. Zach was a natural choice in leading TEAM USA into battle here on Boxing Day which kicks off the United Truck Parts International Midget Series.
“Zach is going to be thrilled having been selected as the USA Captain”, said Wayne Green – Team Owner, “he is a great driver to run with us, as he is a no-nonsense hard charger, he even does some of the spanner work on the cars” he said.
Zach, is the current POWRi Midget Champion, having recently won the Series in the USA. He is due to arrive prior to Christmas Day with his crew guy Ronnie Martin to get fitted into the car and meet his team mate.
The United Truck Parts International Series runs on Boxing Day, 28th December, 30th December at Bay Park, 1st January and then the 50 lapper is scheduled for the 3rd January 2017.
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