The Flying Helmet – From Rookie to Champion

Aaron Hodgson wins the biggest race of the night

If last weeks performance is anything to go by, the A grade midgets have a new break out sensation, with Team BSL Racing’s latest driver Aaron Hodgson. It’s been a while between drinks since a rookie has made such an impact on the track here at the Springs. This hasn’t happened overnight either, Hodgson managed to pull out some memorable drives which earnt him the right to call himself the unofficial Formula 2 Midget Car Champion at the close of the last season.

Unofficial only because the F2 grade is not recognised as an official Speedway New Zealand Class because previously they were only run here at Western Springs Speedway. The class pulls a huge field of entrants every meeting and now they are also running meets at Huntly Placemakers Speedway and Bay Park, so I’m sure it won’t be long before they are taken on board with SNZ.
Of course it was only a natural progression for Hodgson to make a move up this season after climbing quickly to the top of the ladder in that class, and become the latest member out of the BSL Racing Team, with Crew Chief Scott Buckley taking him under the wing as part of the new Terra Chassis section of the team. The Scout Master Scott Buckley is the master mind behind the Terra Chassis development and for the last 3 seasons has perfected it enough to hand the reins on and after last weeks performance it looks like he may have struck the golden ticket when the rookie managed to bring home the Esslinger BB7 in first place by winning the North island Midget Car Championship with a masterclass performance in only his second feature start in the A Grade Midget. The win was by no way a fluke as Hodgson lead home the entire field for all 30 laps, and had some great battles with the defending Champion Shayne Alach in the earlier stages, and holding off some brilliant slide-jobs from the previous feature winner Hayden Williams in the last 6 laps of the race.
Even though this was only meeting number 2 for the Springs, already this feature race is going down as one of the greats so far in our 90th Jubilee season. In such a short time in his career to already have two big wins under the belt including a SNZ Championship, the last 7 days could almost be mistaken for a dream, I’m sure the realisation of the achievement will still be sinking in.

Now cemented in the record books for all time, Hodgson will be hoping to keep the momentum up as we get closer to the Christmas New Year International Midget Car Series, and could well be a major contender to make the New Zealand Team and represent his country against some of the biggest names in Motorsport, following in the footsteps of past legends like Horrobin, Tracey, and Shaw, will Hodgson be a name that we talk about for years to come, We will all be watching with excitement as this young guns career reaches new heights right in front of us here at Western Springs.

Macau Johnson-Hadley