All eyes will be on the back of the field on January 23rd for the first-ever eliminator race in New Zealand speedway history.

Drivers will qualify for this one-off feature as normal, with 16 automatic qualifiers from the heat races plus four cars from the repechage. From there, the final qualifier who finishes fourth in the last-chance repechage will start from grid 20. He or she will then self-select the driver to start on grid 19 and so on.

Once the green flag drops, we will see four laps of intense racing before the first yellow flag, when the last two cars will be removed from the race. Back racing and every two laps the race will go yellow and the last car will be removed each time until the final two cars compete in a two-lap sprint for ultimate victory.

The trick in this race is to avoid the back and stay safe up front. It will be interesting to see who drivers select to start in front of them; will they choose survival by opting for someone they believe will be easy to pass early, or think long-term and choose who they believe to be the best of the rest?