In exchange for being able to attend or participate in the event, you agree:
• To release Speedway New Zealand Limited, Springs Promotions Limited, Speedway Racing Limited and the promoters, sponsor organisations, land owners and lessees, organisers of the event, their respective servants, officials, volunteers, representatives and agents from all liability for your death, personal injury (including burns), psychological trauma, loss or damage (including property damage) (“harm”) howsoever arising from your participation in or attendance at the event, except to the extent prohibited by law;
that SNZ, SPL, SRL and the Associated Entities do not make any warranty, implied or express, that the event services will be provided with due care and skill or that any materials provided in connection with the services will be fit for the purpose for which they are supplied; and to attend or participate in the event at your own risk.
You acknowledge that:
• the risks associated with attending or participating in the event include the risk that you may suffer harm as a result of: motor vehicles (or parts of them) colliding with other motor vehicles, material from the racing surface, persons or property; acts of violence and other harmful acts (whether intentional or inadvertent) committed by persons attending or participating in the event; and the failure or unsuitability of facilities (including grand-stands, fences and guard rails) to ensure the safety of persons or property at the event.

Motor sport is dangerous and that accidents causing harm can and do happen and may happen to you. You accept the conditions of, and acknowledge the risks arising from, attending or participating in the event and being provided with the event services by SNZ and the above-mentioned entities.


• Management reserves the right to inspect and / or search bags, motor vehicles, trailers and
motorcycles brought into or out of the venue. This may require the person’s assistance.
• Persons gaining unauthorised access to Western Springs Stadium will be evicted and may
be liable for prosecution.
• Persons who use offensive or threatening language, cause a disturbance or refuse to
comply with requests made by Springs Speedway – Western Springs staff will be evicted.
• Children (under 12 years) must be supervised by a responsible adult or guardian at all
• Anyone using Social Media showing improper consideration for others’ privacy and for
sensitivities that may exist and include ethnic slurs, personal insults, obscenity, or
engage in any online conduct that would not be acceptable. Any breach of this may result
in this person being evicted from the venue and a trespass notice issued for an appropriate
amount of time.
• Persons consent to the recording of their image or likeness including audio and visual.
• Persons bringing personal items into the stadium do so at their own risk and Springs
Speedway – Western Springs will not be held responsible for any damages to, loss or theft
of personal property.

• Any unauthorised commercial activity including ticket selling, soliciting, customer surveying,
unauthorised sponsor activities, non-licensed merchandising or attaching advertisements
to any vehicle is not permitted.
• Any unauthorised capturing of images for commercial use or broadcast in any format is not
• Any property left unattended at the conclusion of each day will be deemed abandoned


Images taken with a camera, mobile phone or other wireless device cannot be used for any purpose other than for private and domestic purposes. You must not sell, license, publish (includes sharing on Social Media) or otherwise commercially exploit photographs.
Taking and/or publishing video footage inside the venue is forbidden (including sharing to social media). For the avoidance of doubt, mobile telephones are permitted within the venue, provided that they are used for personal and private use only and are not used to publish any race footage.

For the comfort, safety and enjoyment of all persons, management reserves the right to:
• Refuse entry to any persons deemed to be intoxicated and/or disorderly;
Failure to comply with a direction from Western Springs Stadium staff, security staff or NZ Police to leave the event venue may render the ticket holder liable to arrest and prosecution for the offence of trespass under section 4 Trespass Act 1980
• Refuse entry to persons who attempt to bring any restricted or prohibited items into the stadium.


The following items are not permissible in the stadium:
• Glass or breakable containers;
• Illicit drugs;
• Flares, fireworks, laser pointers, knives, firearms, dangerous weapons or any device that
has the potential to cause injury or public nuisance;
• All animals except guiding or assistance animals;
• Recording devices for commercial purposes;
• Platforms, structures or materials to be used to erect platforms or other viewing platforms;
• Commercial, political or offensive clothing, banners, logos or signage;
• Outlaw motorcycle or crime gang colours;
• Any items or goods for public sale.
• Remote piloted aircraft systems (eg: drones) are not permitted at the venue under any


All persons entering the stadium are advised that:
• They are entering licenced premises;
• Intoxicated persons will not be permitted to enter;
• Intoxicated persons will be removed from the premises;
• It is an offence for minors to purchase and consume liquor;
• It is an offence to purchase liquor for (or supply liquor to) minors;
• Persons supplying liquor to minors will be reported to the Police and penalties may
• Persons under 25 years of age may need to show valid ID as proof of age for purchase
and consumption of liquor.


• Western Springs Stadium in a totally SMOKEFREE Zone – Patrons may only smoke in one
of the two (2) designated smoking areas.


• Stadium management take no responsibility for any damage to, loss or theft of a
patron’s personal property while on stadium property.

In the unfortunate event that you do not follow the ‘conditions of entry’ you may be subject to the following actions:
• You may be refused entry or required to leave the venue
• You may be refused re-entry to the venue for a period of 24 hours.
• You may be issued with a trespass notice from the venue for a period of 2 years
• You may be prosecuted for any criminal offence.