Stream On Demand


Vodafone Speedway – Western Springs has completed the work to ensure the streaming of the racing action is set to go. The team at in the South Island will have a couple of final touches to make over the next couple of weeks prior to Opening Night on the 5th November, however its up, and its running now.
Take the opportunity to check it out, as the 30 second television ad is playing free of charge so you know your set ready for the upcoming season. This is what you do to test to make sure you’re ready:
1) Go to
2) Click on ‘Opening Night”
3) Click on ‘Purchase’
4) Click on ‘Proceed’ tab
5) Enter your personal details including password.
6) Click on ‘Confirm’ tab
7) Click on ‘Continue’ tab
You can now watch the ad free of charge, and if you decide to sign up for either the season, or Opening Night, you can do that now if you want to.
Opening Night has all classes competing prior to the Guy Fawkes Display at the conclusion of the show.
For tickets go to and for all other details go to