Stars of the future

Kiwi Kidz

With the school holidays just finished, we thought it would be a great chance to catch up with some of Western Springs stars of the future – our very own kiwi kidz.

Q: How did you get into ¼ midget racing?

Jacob Le Cren # 41A – My brother was driving a car (our friends), so my dad and mum decided to get me one and let me race with him. I was 8 when I started.

Cole Robertson # 24A – I’ve followed my uncle Chris McCutcheon since I was born and have loved going to speedway. I wanted to have a go so my cousin Matthew McCutcheon let me have a drive in his ¼ midget. As soon as I hopped in, I wanted my own car to race. The Kiwi Kidz ¼ midget club were very helpful especially Paul Le Cren and Darren Pennington.

Bryce Pennington # 5A – Dad raced when I was little then my brother got a ¼ midget and two years later I got a car to race.

Kyan Davie # 19A – My family have always been around speedway, my dad use to race here at Western Springs and my cousin also races.

Troy Pennington # 4A – I followed dad around while he was racing at Meremere and then in a supersaloon.  I had a chance to drive the kiwi kidz club car when I was 8 years old in 2011 and I eventually got my own car in the 2013/14 season.

Q: Do you see yourself eventually moving onto another class and if so which one and why?

Jacob Le Cren # 41A – Yes, because I really enjoy racing and hope to go further in my racing career – I would love to be a professional race car driver. I will likely get to use my dad’s TQ, but hope to also drive in the midget division and have a go in a sprintcar too.

Cole Robertson # 24A – Yes I can definitely see myself racing in the midget class. Most of my idols race midgets, including my dad Brad Robertson. We have lots of family fun at speedway.

Bryce Pennington # 5A – I would like to move into a midget because they go really fast.

Kyan Davie # 19A – Yes I do see myself moving up. I want to race sprintcars as I would love to race with the World of Outlaws. I would also like to race midgets as I would love to compete at Chilli Bowl.

Troy Pennington # 4A – Yes I do. I would ideally like to move into TQ’s after ¼ midgets and then hopefully midgets. I would have to say TQ’s because I had the lucky opportunity to drive the Steve Smith TQ at Pateotonga and loved it!

Q: Do you have a favourite class and in your opinion, what is the most exciting race in New Zealand’s annual speedway calendar?

Jacob Le Cren # 41A – I love midgets the most, I love to watch the 50 lapper and the internationals especially the teams racing (NZ v USA v AUS) …. hopefully that’s me one day.

Cole Robertson # 24A – The midgets are my favourite and are the most exciting races to watch especially during the International Series. There are lots of overseas drivers who come to race in New Zealand and they all say that they love racing at Western Springs.

Bryce Pennington # 5A – Yes my favourite class is the midgets. I think the Barry Butterworth Classic is the best night because the top drivers start from the back of the field.

Kyan Davie # 19A – Midgets are my favourite class to watch and I love the Boxing night meeting with all the Internationals here.

Troy Pennington # 4A – I would have to say the midgets because they are the pinnacle of speedway in New Zealand and other countries and its close wheel to wheel racing. My favourite race meeting in the calendar would be Boxing night because of the teams racing and how many fans turn up which changes the whole atmosphere and ups your game that tiny bit more.

Q: Who inspires you as a driver and why?

Jacob Le Cren # 41A – – Allan Wakeling because when he was driving he was always so consistent lap after lap in all his races – 9 x sprintcar champ! Others I like to watch are midget drivers Mosen, Pickens, Williams and Maskovich and MacDonald in the sprintcars – they are all ex ¼ midget drivers. Jared Taylor and my dad, Paul Le Cren have guided me well.

Cole Robertson # 24A – Jerry Coons Jnr is my favourite driver. He is a respectful driver on the track and he always takes the time to talk to me in the pits when he is at the Springs.

Bryce Pennington # 5A – Rico Abreu inspires me because he is fast.

Kyan Davie # 19A – My cousin Brad Mosen inspires me as I have watched him race all my life and because he is a cool cousin.

Troy Pennington # 4A – The person that inspires me is Kyle Larson because he has proven that being young doesn’t have to disadvantage you and going from little outlaw karts to NASCAR is cool.

Q: What goals have you set for yourself next season at WXC Speedway – Western Springs?

Jacob Le Cren # 41A – I aim to continue to be a clean driver and improve my passing game.

Cole Robertson # 24A – My goal next season is to keep on the gas and hold my straight line.

Bryce Pennington # 5A – My goal for next season is to get on the podium.

Kyan Davie # 19A – My first goal is to come in the top 5 in a race and then to get better from there.

Troy Pennington # 4A – My goals for the next season at WXC – Speedway would be to try and achieve more feature wins and get on the podium every meeting.

Q: What do you enjoy doing away from the speedway track?

Jacob Le Cren # 41A – Sports – anything sport, I do a lot of sports and I also love to watch videos of racing.

Cole Robertson # 24A – I like working on my car and getting it ready for next season. I also play rugby league for the Howick Hornets in the off season.

Bryce Pennington # 5A – I enjoy rugby, soccer, camping, playing in the garage with Dad. I would like to thank the track and safety crew this season and I wouldn’t be able to race without the help from my sponsors and helpers.

Kyan Davie # 19A – In the off season I play rugby. I also like playstation and computers.

Troy Pennington # 4A – Away from the speedway track, I like swimming and photography. I also enjoy mucking about on Rfactor with some of the big boys of speedway. I would also like to thank the track crew and the safety crew for making this season a great season and of course I wouldn’t be able to race without the help of my sponsors and helpers too.