Springs Promotions makes key appointments


The 2019/2020 Jubilee Season at Western Springs is fast approaching – celebrating 90 years of speedway in Auckland. Promoter and Managing Director Bill Buckley has made two key appointments at Springs Promotions. And he didn’t have to venture far for either of them.

Glenn Martin, a former racer, car owner and team manager both nationally and internationally, has been appointed to the role of Director of Competition.

Melissa Webb has been promoted to the Operations Manager role, having worked for Springs Promotions for over 10 years.

“I am extremely pleased with both appointments. I have taken an active role in the business and with Glenn and Melissa on board working with me, things are falling into place. They will help me bring value and stability to the sport. And with me having secured the promoter rights at Baypark Speedway in Tauranga recently, it’s now time to count down the days till the season starts at both venues” said Bill Buckley.

Opening Night for Bay Park is set for Labour Weekend and Western Springs of competition is locked in for Friday 1st November.