The fight to stay at ‘The Springs’ is alive and well


The team here at Springs Promotions Limited continue to work hard to ensure Speedway remains at the Western Springs beyond 2019.
You will have seen us in a range of media including NZ Herald, CRC Motorsport, Velocity Motorsport News and Stuff. There is real interest from media, MPs, Councillors and many more about the battle we find ourselves in with RFA.
The response from the RFA to this media coverage suggests the outcome is far from as certain as what they claim it to be. That’s why it’s really important that in the coming weeks we keep the pressure up.
Remember that the final decision rests not with RFA but with the Auckland City Councillors, who will vote on at the end of May. We’re engaging closely with Councillors and overall getting a positive response.
The RFA is a Council Controlled Organisation and will do as the Council instructs them. We’re doing everything we can to ensure that this instruction is to leave everyone where they are for the time being, including the other sporting codes involved, who also now support us in this quest.
Springs Promotions Limited position remains firm, we won’t be worn down by the bureaucrats at the RFA, and we will ensure that open wheel racing remains at its rightful home here in Auckland, which is at Western Springs.
Keep an eye out for a number of articles to roll out in the next 10 days. We will continue to push back against the RFA and to ensure that Councillors understand the real situation.
Thanks to everyone who sent in the emails and Facebook posts, we expect to have the number they received shortly, the word is there were more than anyone expected.
Keep your chin up, we are, and the fight is only just getting started. We’ll be in touch soon about how you can help us in the fight.
Greg Mosen – Promoter
Western Springs Speedway – Since 1929