Season Update


Here’s a bit of an update on what’s going on behind the scenes, while most of the info is still ‘work in progress’ there are a couple of things we can share with you.

It would seem that the word is we are going to see huge increases in both Sprint Cars and F2 Midgets. It looks like we will see at least 20 Sprint Cars pitted regularly at Western Springs which is
a great thing. There are heaps of new drivers, along with drivers from non-Western Springs classes coming across to drive these beasts.
I have just returned from the USA, so watch this space as we expect to have a couple of big names from the USA here for the Porter Hire International Sprint Car Series. The Aussies are
keen, so they too will be part of the shows early December. The rest of the classes will be up there, so expect a full schedule of very talented drivers along with world class equipment.
Good to see how well Michael Pickens went in the US, he certainly led the way up there in both the POWRI and USAC Series. Well done MP, a world class effort.

Race Schedule:
I expect to have this signed off shortly, and will post this on our sites for you all to begin to make your plans. The schedule is jam packed with top level events, so watch this space.

Rolling Thunder Series:
The Rolling Thunder meeting has been run for a couple of years now, however it will now evolve into a Series. The series will see the Sprint Cars, Midgets and Super Saloons travelling to 4 tracks inside a week and there will also be racing at these tracks for both TQ and F2 Midgets. This is going to be huge with high dollar pools raced for at each track, along with Series pay-outs. There are limited numbers for each class so watch this space!

United Truck Parts International Midget Series:
The plan is to increase this Series from 5 shows to 6. We welcome another round at an away track which is going to make it that little bit tougher on the driver/crews. They will have one day off between each show and we expect the competition will be as tough as it gets. We are in the final stages of confirming the 3 Aussie drivers, and it appears we may well see as many as 7 from the US. It looks like Team Australia will have 3 drivers who have never raced here before and I suggest it could be the strongest team we have seen from there in years.

Race Coverage:
The plan is to provide full race coverage of each Western Springs event ‘live’ this season. There will be some restriction imposed on this, however for those of you who live out of town, Vodafone Speedway will be coming at you live this season. I will share the details with you all once we have this finalised.