Ryan Barry TQ 16A

ryan barry


 Q: Congratulations on making the podium last season!  What were your goals for the 2015/2016 season?

A: I set some high goals for last season, and they were to be consistently fast and wrap up my first National Series Title and to win the New Zealand Title.


Q: How did you get into speedway racing?

A: I had always been around speedway growing up, as my Dad has been on the crash crew since before I was even born. I didn’t start racing until I was 11 when my Dad asked me one day if I wanted to race a Quarter Midget. We have had a lot of good weekends away as a father and son duo since then and 10 years on I am just grateful that I have the opportunity to keep coming back and do what I love doing.


Q: Who do you admire in the racing circles and why?

A: I have always admired Shane Van Gisbergen. Coming from Quarter Midgets like him, I have a great amount of respect for him in the way that he drives and leaves nothing on the track and also his success in the V8 supercars is very impressive.


Q: Some drivers have certain race day superstitions. Do you have any and if so what are they?

A: I do have a few normal race day superstitions like having to put my left boot and glove on first, but I also have a few weird ones like having to keep the volume of the radio in the car on 16 and kissing my lucky golf ball before the race.


Q: How do you rate the TQ Midget class and why did you choose to compete in this category?

A: TQ’s would have to be the best stepping stone for young racers coming out of the Quarter Midget class. There are so many great competitors and it provides some very close racing that keeps you on your toes. TQ’s also have a lot of experienced drivers such as Craig and Duane Todd that all the young drivers can look up to and gain some valuable knowledge from.


Q: What is the most important race in your speedway calendar? Why?

A: The most important race for me this year was the New Zealand Championships at Western Springs.