The Rolling Thunder Series heads south to Robertson Holden Speedway – Palmerston North on Saturday 16th February 2019. The three classes include Midgets, Sprint Cars and Super Saloons. This Series, now in it’s third season, boast a total prize pool of almost $90,000.
“It’s great to be part of this Series”, said Simon Jaffe – General Manager of JA Russell Limited, “our clients look forward to joining us all three venues to watch some of the best racing on offer”, he said.
Whilst each event is open to all competitors each weekend, the points and pool prize money are reserved for the Rolling Thunder Series drivers.
The list of the competitors are:

98A Caleb Antonio-Rooney
1NZ Michael Pickens
41A Ricky McGough
61A Brad Hollier
91A Hayden Guptill
25A Scott Buckley
99A Chris McCutcheon
33A James Cossey
63A Jayden Worthington
95S Duane Hickman
27A Hayden Williams
2NZ Brad Mosen
7A Travis Buckley
9C Tom Lumsden
79A Max Guilford
42S Greg Jones
9A Zach Daum
87A Leon Burgess
22A James Earl
21V Peter Huis
7V Glen Huis
12V Brent Huis
37V Ben Huis
68S Chris Bagrie
24S Mark Willoughby

Sprint Cars:

3NZ Michael Pickens
88M Keaton Dahm
6M James Dahm
12A Dean Shadbolt
71A Jamie McDonald
78A Daniel Eggleton
2NZ Jamie Larsen
21A Kerry Brocas
22A Dean Brindle
35A Rob Vazey
84P Dean Cooper
5A Daniel Rogers
18P Greg Pickerall
21W Steven Taylor
46E Patrick North

Super Saloons:

8H Craig Cardwell
96A Lance Jennings
19M Matt Smith
124M Dan Corrin
2NZ Chris Cowling
16R Mark Osborne
11E Peter Dickson
26E Shane McIntyre
24W Martin Halcrow
27K Joe Ingram
7M Brent Emerson
23B Mick Quin
41M Terry Corin
42W Alan Jacob
77K Ross Cresswell
49M Bodie Abrahamson
27M Thomas Korff
53M Mark Hutchins

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