Ricky McGough Midget 13A


 Q: How did you get into racing at Western Springs?

A:  I was looking for a way to jump up to a top level of motorsport in New Zealand but still be able to keep to a budget.  While running around Pukekohe Race Track, the TNT Racing team started timing my laps and then invited me to test their F2 Speedway Midget.  Once I saw the midgets racing at Western Springs I knew it was the place to be and it ticked all of the boxes.

Q: Your Mum is a fitness instructor. Is keeping fit a priority for you?  If so, what fitness regime do you have to keep you ‘race fit’?

A:  Yes, and having a personal trainer and nutritionist for a mother is a great advantage here!  This is an edge you can easily get over other drivers that’s easily overlooked.  Unfortunately, I slipped out of this routine for the past year or two but I’m now back into my strict programmes again.   My old race programme which I am getting back into was cardio in the morning and then weights at night followed by sparring (boxing).  My sister however tells me this is too ‘old school’ and that I need to get into this new cross-fit trend…

Q: What has been the biggest high and the lowest low you’ve had during your time racing thus far?

A: The lowest low was definitely my first ever A-Grade midget race at Huntly where everything started well, but in the feature I ended up going into the wall backwards at the end of the straight at full throttle.  The midget was literally snapped in half, and running on my schoolboy budget I thought that was my racing career was over.

The highest high isn’t actually a specific moment. Every time I come back into the pits after putting my all into the race where I know I had nothing left to give, the crew are full of grins and eagerly telling me the best parts of the race, fans are in the pits and the kids are wanting photos and autographs.  That’s the experience that really makes the nights amazing.

Q: What were your goals for this season?

A: After our terrible start to the season, the first and most important goal was to actually get onto the points board!  The team’s big event for the year though is the 50 lapper event where I was given the green light to give it everything and hold nothing back.

Q: In your opinion, what is the biggest race in New Zealand’s annual speedway calendar?

A: Without a doubt the International Midget 50 lapper event.  The best drivers, the biggest crowd, and the best atmosphere.  If there is only one event you watch for the year, then that has got to be it!

Q: What do you enjoy doing in your downtime away from speedway?

A: Downtime haha, I suppose you can call it that.  I don’t get much of that these days however, I do hope to get back into my archery one day soon specifically bow hunting and bow fishing.  I’ve always thought of this as a great activity to keep your head mentally in race mode, as you must always be ready for action and ready to make that perfect move regardless of the circumstances.  Much like on the race track making your way through the field.  Currently, I am not shooting at the moment as I sold my equipment a few years ago to buy a new right rear tyre for the midget…