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Yesterday both Andrew Barnes – Chairman RFA and Chris Brooks – COO RFA requested a meeting with Bill on Wednesday of next week here at Bill’s office.
Andrew is reasonably new to this position, and we hope he brings a fresh approach to this mess. He has the power to realign the plans released earlier this week which suggested the lease for Speedway was not being renewed or extended.
Let’s hope that common sense prevails, and Speedway can be awarded the extension it needs while the future venue discussions can continue to find a long-term solution for the sport.
This week has seen unparalleled support voiced by tens of thousands of people. Some of these people don’t go to Speedway, they simply cannot comprehend why an Auckland Council offshoot could discard a 90-year old sport simply because it suits them.
A petition was started a day or so ago, and last count it had almost 19,000 people signed on in support of the sport remaining at Western Springs until its long-term future was established. The link is here: https://www.change.org/p/mayor-phil-goff-keep-western-springs-speedway-open
We will keep you posted on future developments, one of which is a planned march to show Phil Goff and his Councillors that the supporters won’t allow this to happen.

Thanks for your support,
The Team at Springs Promotions