Q & A Kaidon Brown

Brown face

Name: Kaidon Brown

Years racing: 12

Classes raced: Go Karts for 9 years and midgets for 3 years

Family: Mum (Belinda), Dad (Mark) and sister (Mackenzie)

Home town: Sydney, Australia

Home and favourite track: Valvoline Raceway

Sponsors and Car owners: Car owner is my dad. Sponsors – TFH, Fineline Fabrications, Dutton Garage, United Truck Parts, Carbon Concepts, Gavin Ohlback Racing, CRC, Rondalee Metal Fabrications, KING Chassis, FK Shocks, Pass Powder Coating, Locked Down Apparel and GRD

What got you into speedway? The past 3 generations of my family have been involved in speedway, but my dad racing midgets was the biggest influence.

Do you have other hobbies outside of motor racing? Gym, I Racing and studying at university.

What other classes or cars do you race? N/A

What are your goals this season at the Springs and back home? My goal at the springs is to make every feature and consistency finish inside the top 10. Back home in Australia, my goal is win more features then what I did last year, which was 6.

Has your career included Any major accidents? N/A

Your favourite race on the calendar and why? The Sydney 50 lapper at the end of the year. This is because it’s a big, high quality field at a track that produces exciting midget racing.

Explain the power of the Midget car from your point of view? When I first stepped into a midget from a go kart there was a huge power difference. A midget has a lot of power and makes your stomach drop when you first press the throttle down.

What’s something that you have learnt from the sport, that helps you in your life outside of it? Preparation is key to success

What part plays the mental and the physical forms to win in this sport? To win, you must be physically fit. You must have a high level of endurance and have strong arms and a strong neck to last the duration of races. Mentally, you must not get too nervous before races and remain focused during the race to ensure mistakes aren’t made.

Is there a story behind the number you race with? I have always been a Rico Abreu fan hence why I chose the number 97.

In your home country can you make being a race car driver a full-time profession? How many races do you do a year, how many tracks do you race at and what are some of the biggest achievements? No, you can’t as we don’t race enough. We race 20-25 times a year at approximately 6 different tracks. The biggest achievements that can be earned in Australian midget racing are winning state titles and the national championship.

Speedway racing can be fast and dangerous, looking out towards the fans, what do you think is one thing the fans will never understand until they are behind the wheel of one? As a member of the crowd the cars do look easy to drive. However, behind the wheel they are very difficult to race.

Take us back to a time when you were at school, what did you major in and is there anything you learnt in school that you apply to being a race car driver? I finished school one year ago but didn’t major in anything. I studied 5 subjects which were Maths, English, Legal studies, Business studies and Health. One thing I learnt in school that can be applied to racing is that to succeed you must prepare thoroughly.

Can you list for us your Top 10 racing achievements? 2017/18 Australian Champion, 2019 NSW Title Winner, 2017/18 Open Wheel Competitor of the Year, 2017/18 Speedway Australia Sportsperson of the year and being selected 3 times to represent Australia in New Zealand.

You are representing your country here in NZ, what does that mean for you? It is extremely special to represent my country in NZ, against the best midget drivers in the world. I love competing in NZ to give people an insight into what Australian racing has to offer.

What do you think of New Zealand drivers? New Zealand drivers are fast and aggressive which makes them tough to beat.

Tell us what you think of Western Springs Speedway? It is an awesome venue that always has a big crowd. The track is fast, tight and provides exciting racing.