Q & A with Brad Loyet, Craig Dolansky & Kraig Kinser


Q: When did you first start racing and how did you get into racing speedway?
Brad: I started racing when I was 14 years old. My dad and I would go all over the country watching races and one day he asked if I wanted to try it out. We got a micro with plans to only race two times a month. That didn’t last long as I ran over 100 races in my first year of racing. The rest is now history as we have run full time ever since then.
Craig: I’ve been around racing my entire life and developed an interest in it when I would go racing with my dad. I got my own Sprintcar when I was 14.
Kraig: I first started Sprintcar racing when I was 16. I grew up in a racing family so it was always on the cards.

Q: How do you compare Western Springs to your own tracks back home in USA?
Brad: I personally don’t think there is a lot that compares to the Springs in the States. This place draws such a large crowd for every race, it’s truly a huge event each race. If I had to pick somewhere to compare it against I would say Angell Park Speedway in Wisconsin as it has some what of the same feel to it.
Craig: It’s definitely what I would call a tight little bullring track, not very wide. The track is prepared to make a good race and show for the fans. The stadium like atmosphere makes it even better for the fans to watch the races.
Kraig: The tracks back home have a little more banking and are a little bigger.

Q: What has been your biggest high and lowest low during your racing career?
Brad: I have two highs that stand out. One of which was winning the Hockett/McMillin Memorial race on the ASCS National tour. Jesse Hockett had driven our midget several times and was close to me so winning that race meant a lot to me. I also won both the POWRI National Midget Championship and a ASCS Warrior Region Championship in the same year. Bryan Gapinski believes I am maybe the only driver to have won a wing sprint car championship and midget in the same season. There is one low that really sticks out and that is when I crashed my midget at Knoxville. I was hurt pretty bad and pulled a nerve off my spine that controls my bicep muscle. I had to sit out a month with severe head trauma and an arm that didn’t work, was a scary time in my career
Craig: The biggest high was winning my first 410 sprintcar race in Marshfield, Wisconsin with the Interstate Racing Association. The lowest low would be injuries that put me on the side-lines.
Kraig: My biggest high would have to be winning the 2005 Knoxville Nationals at Knoxville Raceway in Iowa and my career low would be having to end my 2015 season early due to injury.

Q: What do you enjoy doing in your downtime away from the speedway track?
Brad: I enjoy spending time with my family. I just recently had my first child with my wife so getting to see my little girl grow up has been fun. I also am a huge fan of Hockey and play in a recreational league with my crew member who is here with me.
Craig: I enjoy spending time with family and friends and I also like outdoor activities.
Kraig: I enjoy watching NFL, hunting and I also like golf.

Q: Who do you admire in the racing circles and why?
Brad: It’s hard to narrow something like that down. I am personally a fan of anyone who can build their own cars. Fabricate parts and setup their own race cars. You don’t see that as much now a days as you used to in the past. So for me I would admire more of the greats like Karl Kinser, Gary Wright, and nowadays Keith Kunz.
Craig: Jac Haudenschild has always been a driver I have admired since I first saw him at the Knoxville Nationals when I was a kid.
Kraig: I admire three people, my Grandpa, my Dad and AJ Foyt.

Q: In your opinion, what is the biggest race in America’s annual speedway calendar?
Brad: For me the biggest race of the year is chili bowl. It’s a race that we are always heavily involved with and it brings in a huge crowd of both cars and fans. It’s a must see race for anyone who is a fan of any form of racing. I can’t think of any other event where 300 drivers show up for a 20 spot race.
Craig: In my opinion the Knoxville Nationals is definitely the Super Bowl of our Sport.
Kraig: For Sprintcars it would have to be the Knoxville Nationals, Iowa. Overall the biggest motorsport event on the calendar is the Indianapolis 500, Indiana.

Q: What is something race fans don’t know about you?
Brad: That I am actually a nice person haha. While I am at the track I am not a driver to go around and socialize with people, I am there to do a job, but when that job is over I am as fun as they come. There are not many people who have as much fun as I do. Our motto has always been work hard then play hard.
Craig: People probably don’t know that I’ve never raced a 360 Sprintcar.
Kraig: I am partially Native American from my Mother’s side.