Q & A Tyler Courtney

Tyler 1

Years Racing: 18

Classes Raced: 4

Hometown: Indianapolis

Home & Favourite Track: Kokomo Speedway

Sponsors for NZ Tour: Yale forklifts and SG Equipment

What got you into speedway? My family

Do you have any other hobbies outside of Motorsport racing? All sports

What other classes do you race? Sprintcars, Winged and Wingless

What are your goals this season for the Springs and back home? I want to finally win a race at the springs, while I’m here.

What’s the fastest you think you have ever been around a track? and what track was that? I’m not sure how fast I was, but probably in the Silver crown car around a mile racey track! Completely Insane.

Has your career included any major accidents? Many! So So Many !

Your favourite race on the calendar and why? Chilli Bowl cause it’s the biggest one for sure.

Explain the power of a Midget car from your view? It’s a lot for the weight of the car, but it not too much, it’s just right.

What’s something that you have learned from the sport that helps you in life outside of it? Patience.

What part plays the mental and physical forms to win this sport? It’s a lot more mental than it is physical, you got to stay in the right mind set all night, and not get rattled by anyone or anything.

Is there a story behind the number you race? I run it, in honour of The Late Bryan Clauson, it was his family number back home .

Why Midgets and not other classes at the springs? – No one will let me run a Sprintcar

In your home country you can make a being a car driver a full-time profession?Yes, I’m very fortunate for it, to get to make racing a full-time profession back home.

How many races do you do a year? Race anywhere from 90-100 races a year.

Speedway racing can be fast and dangerous, what do you think the fans will never understand? Just the pure intensity and craziness it is behind the wheel.

Take us back to school, what did you major in? and did anything prepare you for being a race car driver? No school for me was just solely focussing on being a race car driver.

List of your achievements so far:
2018, USAC Sprint Car Champion
2019, USAC Midget Car champion
2x Kokomo smackdown champion
2017 prelim night winner at Tulsa Chilli Bowl
2018 -19, USA national driver of the year
2018 – National Sprintcar hall of fame non wing driver of the year
2019 Jason Leffer memorial winner
2019 Hoosier Hundred winner
2x Western World Sprintcar champion
Broke the record for consecutive wins in a sprint car at Eldora Speedway which was 4.

You are representing USA here in NZ, what does that mean to you? Its an honour to show the rest of the world what racing is like in the states and an honour to get to represent your country

What do you think of NZ drivers? I have a lot of respect for NZ drivers and all drivers that strap in, it takes guts to do it

Tell us what you think of Western Springs Speedway? I love the Springs. it’s one of my favourite racetracks in the world.