Q & A Kyle Larson

Very Cool Photo of Kyle from his first visit to teh springs

Name: Kyle Larson
Years racing: 20 years
Classes raced: NASCAR, Winged Sprint Cars, Midgets
Family: Katelyn, Owen, Audrey
Hometown: Elk Grove, CA
Home track: Placerville Speedway,
Favourite track: Track Knoxville Raceway
Car owners: Harley Taylor

What got you into speedway? My parents were race fans growing up and got me into it when I was young. Built me a go kart to play around in when I was 5 and then started racing when I was 7.

Do you have other hobbies outside of motor racing? Golf

What other classes or cars do you race? NASCAR, Winged Sprint Cars, Midgets

What are your goals this season at the Springs and back home? Win every race of the International Series like I was able to do in 2012/13

What’s the fastest you think you have been around the track? 220mph at Michigan International Raceway

Your favourite race on the calendar and why? Knoxville Nationals because I love sprint car racing

Explain the power of the Midget car from your point of view? They are fun little cars to drive. No downforce makes it easy to spin tires.

What’s something that you have learnt from the sport, that helps you in your life outside of it? Leadership

What part plays the mental and the physical forms to win in this sport? Need to be prepared both mentally and physically to win in any sport

Is there a story behind the number you race with? My go karts were always number 1K growing up so that’s why I like to use the number 1

In your home country you can make being a race car driver a full-time profession? Yes, if you are good enough the path is a little easier

How many races do you do a year? Around 70

Speedway racing can be fast and dangerous, looking out towards the fans, what do you think is one thing the fans will never understand until they are behind the wheel of one? That our sport is more dangerous than they might think

Can you list for us your Top 10 racing achievements? First World of Outlaws win, First NASCAR Cup win, Rolex 24hr win, Belleville Midget Nationals, Turkey Night wins, All Star race win at Charlotte.

You are representing your country here in Nz, what does that mean for you? It is always special. I enjoy representing USA

What do you think of New Zealand drivers? They are very good and underrated

Tell us what you think of Western Springs Speedway? One of my most favourite things I look forward to doing all year is getting to spend a few weeks in NZ to vacation and race at a great historical track.