Q & A – Kelsi and Mitch Watts TQ’s #24A & #42A

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Q: Being a brother and sister who both race in the same class, is there sibling rivalry on the track?
Kelsi: Absolutely. Once on the track Mitch becomes another competitor.
Mitch: I would say there is a rivalry as we both want to beat each other but at the same time we both want to see each other do well.

Q: Do you give each other a wider berth than you would with other competitors just because you are family?
Kelsi: Yes, I wouldn’t want to risk taking Mitch out of a race and him falling behind in points or losing spaces in a feature.
Mitch: Personally I do as I would hate to jeopardise her race as much as mine. This is also a result for our team so we don’t want to be taking each other out.

Q: How do you rate the TQ Midget class and why did you choose to compete in this category?
Kelsi: I agree with Mitch rating it very high in terms of competition. Overall it is a good class with good racing. I followed Mitch into TQs which is why I am competing in this category.
Mitch: I rate it highly in terms of competition as there are close to ten cars each night who could go out and win. Affordability was our main reason for choosing TQs.

Q: Some drivers have certain race day superstitions. Do you have any and if so what are they?
Kelsi: Not really. However, before racing begins, I like to have everything ready early, or by a certain time so there is no mad panic before racing.
Mitch: I like my car to be the one facing backward in the trailer and also being on the left hand side of the pit.

Q: Which other driver do you like racing against the most and who makes you work for it harder on the track?
Kelsi: I feel safest racing against Mitch because we both want to finish all heats and features in one piece.
Mitch: Both Ryan and Scott Baker are probably my favourite due to their clean racing ethic whilst being at the top of our class. Honestly for me, Kelsi is one of the hardest people for me to pass so she would take that honour.

Q: What were your goals for the 2016/17 season?
Kelsi: My goal was to stay consistent throughout the season – with consistency comes success.
Mitch: To get back on the podium and challenge for a feature win.

Q: What keeps you busy away from the track?
Kelsi: Like Mitch said, our family water-skis when we have the chance in summer. In winter I play hockey to keep me occupied and fit for the upcoming race season.
Mitch: As a family we are into water-skiing so whenever there is a break in the race schedule, we will be at a Lake.

Q: How helpful was your experience racing quarter midgets in making the transition to TQ’s?
Kelsi: Starting in Quarters was extremely helpful. You learn all the basics, how the cars respond in certain situations and skills such as passing. The only difference in TQs is you have a bigger more powerful car so experience in Quarters makes for an easy transition.
Mitch: Quarter Midgets were highly instrumental in the way in which I drive today. Both cars are very momentum based so learning how to keep momentum up in Quarters and learning the basics in race craft at the likes of Rosebank Road helped significantly simplify the transition into TQs.