Q & A Kayne Buck F2 #93A

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Q: You’ve had a great start to the season, how did you get into the sport?
A: My dad use to race TQ’s and Saloons back in the day and would take us to watch the racing as kids.
Q: What are your goals for the 2016/2017 season?
A: My goal is to win as many races as I can and I would also love to win the F2 championship for the second time.
Q: How do you rate the F2 Midget class and why did you chose to compete in this category?
A: F2 midgets are a great class to race in. It’s an awesome way to learn about midget racing while being on a budget
Q: Do you have any plans to eventually move up to the full-blown midgets or is it one step at a time?
A: It’s always been a goal to race in the midget class unfortunately we don’t have the funds for the step up at this time.
Q: Who do you admire in the racing circles and why?
A: I’m a big fan of Michael Pickens, Kyle Larson and Bryan Clauson however, I’d have to say, I really admire Michael Brunt because he’s helped me get into midget racing. He’s taught me a lot about how to drive, all while racing himself and managing to get on the podium at every major event in NZ midget racing.
Q: What is something race fans don’t know about you?
A: I started racing out of Huntly Speedway at the age of 12 in a ministock
Q: Is there any meaning behind your race number?
A: Back in my ministock days my number was 88 but it was taken when I came to f2’s, dad wanted number 5 but that was taken too so we added 5 to 88 and got 93.
Q: What do you do for relaxation away from the racetrack?
A: I like to watch rugby, rugby league, UFC and any form of motorsport.