From the moment we first mentioned that Tony Stewart along with the other International drivers were coming to New Zealand, the interest here has been unparalleled.
An example of this is that normally when we post a news story on our Facebook Page we have between 6,000 and 9,500 people read it the same day and when the Tony Stewart story went up, it went over 57,000.
“The phone and the emails haven’t stopped here at the office,” said Greg Mosen – Promoter, “now having confirmed that Tony is not racing in Australia, the interest has been hard to keep up with”, he said.
With 28 local competitors along with the Internationals, we have closed entries to ensure we get everyone in, and we can manage the number of races these guys are going to need to qualify for the 30 Lap Features both nights. All other classes are running in support of this Series, which will provide an unbelievable show for all concerned.
Tony is flying in early the week he races as the Media all want to have him appear on News Programs, Radio Stations, as well as magazine articles. Tickets have already started to pre-sell online and the VIP options for both nights have almost sold-out.

For all event and ticket details go to www.springsspeedway.com