There are a couple of changes initiated at the venue this year that we all need to be aware of. They are a result of a ‘Traffic Management Plan’ now required at the venue by Council which was required to clean up a couple of pressure points around the venue.
We have managed to secure an area immediately adjacent to the Lower Main Gate for those with the Disabled Parking Pass. This area will now be accessible from 3pm through the main car park gate off Great North Road onto the front fields. Previously access at the top Gate was restricted to 4pm as that gate was closed until then.
Anyone with this Disabled Parking Pass can now arrive earlier, and drive through the general parking area to the front rows beside the Main Gate providing level ground access. These reserved rows will have clear signage displayed.
There will no longer be parking available through the top gate for anyone without the VIP Parking Pass. There are a limited number of Season VIP Parking Passes available which can be purchased from the Speedway Office if required.
“This is a great solution given the number of complaints we received about the cars parked down the middle of the road outside the top gate waiting to get in”, said Greg Mosen – Promoter, “this solution gives the best access available to those requiring Disabled Parking”, he said.

Please note: The 2018/2019 Season Race Schedule has changed slightly – updated version is on the website and Facebook.