The 47th New Zealand Sprint Car Championship looms with now less than two weeks to go.
Saturday 20th January 2018 is when competitors from around the country come together to Vodafone Speedway – Western Springs to run for this title. The entire program will be run on the one night, where we will crown the 2018/2019 New Zealand Champion.

The list of entries are:

1NZ Jamie Larsen 2NZ Jonathan Allard
3 NZ Jamie McDonald 4A Matthew Leversedge
5A Daniel Rogers 6M James Dahm
8A Jarvis Tidd 7A Dion Kendall
10A Glenn Torpey 12A Dean Shadbolt
15A Steve Pribicevich 19C Jamie Duff
21A Kerry Brocas 21W Stephen Taylor
22A Dean Brindle 23A Adam Child
26A Paul Sands 29A Jeremy Halpin
35A Rob Vasey 51M Rodney Wood
54A Michael Pickens 55A Daniel Thomas
59A Mike Wheeler 62A Dave Witton
64C Matt Honeywell 73K Brian Edwards
78A Daniel Eggleton 88M Keaton Dahm

The format is that these competitors will be split into 5 seeded groups. Each competitor will race two separate 12 lap heat races. The top 12 competitors from the accumulation of points will transfer through to the main event with the highest qualifier starting on the front row. The remaining 16 competitors will run seeded semi mains, and the top 4 from each of these two races also transfer to the Feature Race.
The Feature race will be a 30-lap event and the winner will be the New Zealand Sprint Car Champion.

Gates open at 4pm, racing starts at 6pm.

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