Previously, each class held the Racing Number Registers for the competitors at Western Springs Speedway. This register has now been moved and is now held here at this office. The current register info was forwarded on to us here so there should be no need to contact us at this stage.
Going forward, all number applications, transfers or retirements need to be sent to this office via email to The email will be the key ingredient to ensure the records are accurate.
The rules around holding a racing number or general entitlements remain unchanged.
Each competitor will re-select their racing number when they apply for their SNZ License on line, and this will ensure the records align to the register held here. If they don’t we would contact you directly.
We all understand how important your race number is to you, and we expect this new register will ensure there is no confusion or misunderstanding going forward.
Remember, the key now is to email this to us, as this triggers the process, a phone call or passing comment will no longer suffice.
Season Passes are now on sale.