In a matter of three years the number of Sprint Car competitors has risen dramatically. At one-stage there was less than 10 local competitors arriving at the venue and the class was struggling.
With several new strategies implemented we now are on the verge of having another problem.

The list of drivers either signing on, or have committed to running regularly at Vodafone Speedway Western Springs are listed below. “The fans love the sight and sound of the Sprint Cars” said Greg Mosen – Promoter, “it’s great to see so many supporting us here at the venue”, he said.

1NZ Jamie Larson
2NZ Johnathan Allard
3NZ Jamie McDonald
4A Mathew Leversedge
5A Daniel Rogers
5USA Brad Loyet
6M James Dahm
7A Dion Kendall
10A Glenn Torpey
12A Dean Shadbolt
15A Steve Pribicevich
17A John Millard
17M Jarvis Tidd
19A Jamie Duff
21A Kerry Brocas
22A Dean Brindle
23A Adam Childs
26A Paul Sands
35A Rob Vazey
47A Ossie Sokol
54A Michael Pickens
59A Mike Wheeler
62A Dave Witton
67M Bradley Marsh
73K Brian Edwards
78A Daniel Eggleton
88M Keaton Dahm
TBC Zane Cooper

Add in the five or six International Stars and it’s all on for young and old.

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