New Zealand Midget Title



With a little over two weeks to go, a number of drivers are honing their skills both in New Zealand and in Australia in preparation for the New Zealand Midget Title to be held at WXC Speedway – Western Springs. With the entries now closed, there will be 26 drivers willing to contest this title and based on current form this could go anyway.

Current NZ Champion – Brad Mosen has joined fellow kiwis Michael Pickens, Hayden Williams and Leon Burgess in Brisbane to run the Midget Series there. Michael has continued with his winning form with winning the first round at Archerfield, whilst the other three charged from the rear of the field having missed the first night.

Brock Maskovich has headed south to keep his eye on the prize and will run a number of meetings at Ruapuna with Dave Kerr, current NZ3.

The seeded Midget Groups have been drawn, and the countdown begins.

There are a number of other drivers showing good form and include Michael Brunt, Chris McCutcheon, Brock Maskovich and several others.

Michael will be keen to take yet another title, however there are a number of drivers on form at the moment who could snatch this.

Speedway NZ have passed on the entry list to the TAB, and the odds will be available later this week. We will post the link to them once they are available.

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NZ Midget Title
Car No Driver Car No Driver
Heat One
54A Michael Pickens NZ2 Brock Maskovich
96A Chris McCutcheon 39A Peter Hunnibell
81A Dayne Maxwell 25A Scott Buckley
10A Nick Donaldson 73A Bryce McKenzie
99A Taylor Clarke 23A Lucas Scott
Heat Two
NZ1 Brad Mosen 27A Hayden Williams
87A Leon Burgess 95S Duane Hickman
NZ3 Dave Kerr 33A James Cossey
21A Zahn Turner 13A Ricky McGough
85A Jared Wade 72A Mike Driver
Heat Three
11 A Shayne Alach 54A Michael Pickens
9A Michael Brunt 96A Chris McCutcheon
36A Ben Drummond 81A Dayne Maxwell
49A Blair Bertram 10A Nick Donaldson
22A James Earl 99A Taylor Clarke
12A Michael Morrison
Heat Four
NZ2 Brock Maskovich NZ1 Brad Mosen
39A Peter Hunnibell 87A Leon Burgess
25A Scott Buckley NZ3 Dave Kerr
73A Bryce McKenzie 21A Zahn Turner
23A Lucas Scott 85A Jared Wade
Heat Five
27A Hayden Williams 11 A Shayne Alach
95S Duane Hickman 9A Michael Brunt
33A James Cossey 36A Ben Drummond
13A Ricky McGough 49A Blair Bertram
72A Mike Driver 22A James Earl
12A Michael Morrison