Jason Gutteridge Bio


Jason spent the first 16 years behind a microphone initially working as a professional DJ all over New Zealand. He was watching a speedway event one day at Riverside Speedway in Invercargill, when he was approached by the President of the club at the time as their announcer hadn’t shown up! After a little reluctance, he agreed to help them out for the day – that was 18 years ago!

Jason is still heavily involved in all things speedway having built ‘The Pits Media’ which is well known for its radio show and TV Show, ‘The Pits TV’. He was an active announcer until 2 years ago when he purchased an outside broadcast vehicle with business partner, Campbell McManaway (492i Super Saloon). He has since travelled the country in pursuit of events to film for the TV show.

Over the years Jason has been recognised for his commentary by winning Speedway New Zealand ‘Commentator of the Year’ along with ‘Personality of the Series’ for the Steve Williams run DHL Saloon Series. Jason is Steve’s first choice commentator for the event when they travel throughout the South. Most of his commentating has been at Riverside Speedway, Beachlands Speedway and Cromwell Speedway along with Woodford Glen in Christchurch.

Speedway is a family deal for Jason with his oldest son working with him as a commentator in the broadcast truck and his second oldest son working as the Clerk of the Course in Invercargill while his youngest son works as a cameraman for ‘The Pits TV’. Both of his daughters are also involved with speedway.

By day Jason works as marketing, promotions and I.T for Flooring Xtra in Invercargill for Chris and Rebecca Burns who also share his passion for speedway and who are very supportive of him.

Jason offers a unique style of commentary that is both fast and powerful and tells it how he sees it.