Out with the old, in with the new


After two years of racing at Western Springs, the track is being completely removed. Not only is the race surface going, but part of the solid base underneath will also be replaced.

Heavy machinery is being delivered to the venue today as the team begin the mammoth task of removing the entire surface. It will be dug up and moved to the middle of the back straight, where it will be loaded onto trucks and removed permanently. Once the dirt has gone, the team will reshape the track, removing parts of the base to allow positive adjustments.

The entire process is being managed by Mark Perham, Managing Director of Field Turf NZ. “There have been many discussions had with John Hume at Rapid Construction to ensure we get this right”, said Mark. “The plan is to provide a race track like the one we are removing, however, this new material should almost eliminate the dust.”

“Rapid Construction has prepared the track over the previous two seasons and will continue to do so going forward”, said promoter Greg Mosen. “This new material is very different, even to look at, it is a chocolate brown colour which in itself will be something new”.

The revitalised track surface will be put through its paces on 29 October with the first practice scheduled at the venue.