Nathan Howard F2 #19


Q: You’ve just stepped out of a TQ last season and into the Dobbs Motorsport F2 #19. How do you think the F2 compares to racing a TQ?
A: The driving styles are pretty much the same, in terms of keeping the car straight and fast. In a way they are a momentum class. Consistence speed which makes the racing tight.
Q: You come from a ¼ midget background originally, how helpful was your experience racing quarter midgets in making the transition into TQ’s and now F2’s?
A: The Kiwikidz Quarter Midget class is the most important. I would differently not be half the driver I am without that class and the amount of laps I’ve done. All of our superstars came through that class so that class is differently worth its weight in gold.
Q: Some drivers have certain race day superstitions. Do you have any and if so what are they?
A: Race day superstitions? I don’t think I have any. In a way listening to music on the way to the track would be it, block it all out, relax and jam out is what I do before every meeting.
Q: If you could change one thing about speedway, what would that be?
A: I wish I could change the amount of races her in NZ. Be able to make it a job like the boys in the states.
Q: Who is the toughest driver you have raced against?
A: Toughest driver would have to be my best mate Breyton Davison. We started in quarter midgets together and raced each other hard for 4-6 seasons and in Tq’s, so he was definitely a tough lil cookie.
Q: Who do you admire in the racing circles and why?
A: I’ve always admired Brad Mosen ever since I was little. Always had awesome looking cars and was that “young gun” at the time. Never forget him winning the 50 lapper.
Q: In your opinion, what is the biggest race in New Zealand’s annual speedway calendar?
A: NZ biggest race to me would be the 50 lapper, especially because the yanks are here and it’s the best ones too.
Q: What is something a race fan wouldn’t know about you?
A: For the ones that don’t follow me/know, I’m a sign writer alongside Brad Mosen. Did all the stickers on my F2 midget and also the track signage too.