Both Greg Murphy and Stephen McIvor will host Michael Pickens on their show which will play at 7:30pm tonight on Sky Sport 3.
The SkySpeed Show has been a favourite of many motorsport fans over the years, and tonight Michael takes this opportunity to share his thoughts on why Speedway should remain at its rightful home here in Auckland – Western Springs.
Both Greg and Stephen have spoken to Paul Nisbet from the RFA and Greg Mosen, Promoter of Western Springs and McIvor and Murphy will engage in a brief discussion, sharing their take on where things are.
It would appear at the moment, that there has been a swing toward the Speedway remaining at the venue. Mayor Phil Goff has been quoted as saying “a world-class cricket stadium would be a great asset for Auckland, “but it is not a priority” for the cash-strapped council”.
The pressure will intensify in the coming weeks as we move toward Thursday 31st May when the Councillors will vote to leave Speedway at the Western Springs venue.
Western Springs Speedway – Since 1929.