How do I watch WXC Speedway this year?



Over the past number of years we have had the option to watch “The Dirt” on either Sky TV, or more recently on TV3 Motorsport, and for those in Australia it was Foxtel. These channels were the only option available to us, and while some of them were ‘pay to view’ they were the only options available to us at the time.

Last year we trialed the ‘live streaming’ option and it worked better than anyone hoped it would. For those outside of New Zealand, they got to watch the racing action live. The action included all classes, in all heats and Features. The trials included understanding what equipment was required to ensure the stream around the world worked without the picture stalling or other issues like loss of signal or sound.

We now believe we have this sorted, and we plan to roll this out for the season ahead. The good news is we will offer this coverage locally. The one time subscription will allow those overseas to watch this coverage live, and for those here in NZ, this will stream from 11pm on Race Night. There will be an ‘on demand’ option, so everyone can watch this as many times as they like, and at whatever time they choose.

The ‘on demand’ function will also have the past couple of years of racing available, and again this is all included in your annual subscription.

The link to WXC TV can be found at or follow the link on our site

This year’s coverage will see additional camera angles, instant replays, highlight reels, on track podium presentations, five person commentary team, in car footage, and pre event driver profile/interviews.

Thanks again to WXC TV for their continued support of our sport.

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