He’s still a Rocketman

Brad Mosen

A very late announcement on Thursday night by the Seamount Racing Team, that current 2nz Brad Mosen will return for one night only to shake down the car, in preparation for the upcoming International Midget Car series had some fans excited that we might see a full time return. However, Seamount racing have made it quite clear on there social media page that Mosen would only be standing in for the night to get the car ready for 16-year American sensation Zeb Wise.

Mosen had elected to start both heats from the back of the pack, but didn’t take long to show the crowd that he could have the TRD Foytt Shipping and Auto sponsored midget singing quickly as he moved up to mid pack by the end of the first lap. Unfortunately, Mosen tangled and spun and with no restart had to retire from that first heat.

Mosen started from the front of the semi-main later in the night and comfortably transferred to the back of the grid for the 25 lap Midget Car feature where he put on a show as fans witnessed the drive of the night from the Rocketman.
Starting from grid 18, Mosen quickly managed to get the car through the back markers and by the halfway point was already inside the top 6. The car looked very fast and as the laps counted down it soon become a race against time as he swapped places with Maskovich and then Alach towards the end. At the drop of the chequered flag Mosen had finished 3rd and had finished what he set out to do he told Nik Brown, “I just wanted to prove a point” he said.

Fans were quick to jump online with comments on the Seamount Racing Team page like
“Give him a full-time drive Seamount….he is one of the best drivers in the midget”
“We need Brad Mosen in there it lifts the quality of the racing good work Brad nice to see you out there”
“drive of the night” “epic drive” just some of the comments fans left.

At this stage there were no plans for Mosen to step in with the Team as both cars have been prepared for Zeb Wise from USA who is competing in the International Midget Car series tonight, we can only watch and wait to see if the Rocketman will get another chance to wheel around the Springs.

Macau Johnson-Hadley