Head Referee Appointed

Stadium Shot of Western Springs Speedway

WXC Speedway – Western Springs is pleased to announce the appointment of the new Head Referee for the 2016/2017 season. This appointment comes after the position was advertised on the open market to encourage everyone wanting to do this job to apply for it.

The selection process involved the Western Springs Drivers Club Executive who represent the best interests of their classes and the sport of speedway as a whole. The group was in total agreement that they wanted the same guy as the Head Referee, along with the people around him in supporting roles as Assistant Referees.

The final step will be to have Speedway New Zealand ratify these nominations, which is expected to take place later in the year leading up to the beginning of the season, as this is simply a procedural consideration.

The Head Referee position would then be taken up by Mr Bill Clarkson Jnr, who brings a wealth of experience to the role. Bill has competed in all three adult classes over his many years as a competitor, and in fact, he competed as recently as last season in an Open Grade Midget. Bill will be joined by two Assistant Referees at present and they are Dave Tomkins and Wayne Morris.

The season ahead will see some change in the way these guys officiate at the venue, in that they will all be involved in a debrief process to ensure that the decisions they make are accurate. “It’s important to learn from the previous weeks racing, to ensure we as a team of Referee’s get better at what we do”, said Bill Clarkson Jnr. “The plan is to have the decision makers meet mid-week to discuss the decisions and rulings we made, just like League Referees do, in an effort to ensure we remain consistent, and the competitor gets a fair deal”, said Bill.

There will be further details available at Drivers Sign-up night prior to the season getting underway.