Generation Next Makes Presence Felt

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For many years the Pickens, Mosen, Alach, Maskovich generation has dominated Midget racing at the Springs. Mark down 30th November 2019 as the night generation next rose to challenge the established order. On a slick track that developed two genuine racing lines, F2 Midget graduate Aaron Hodgson took an underdog green to checkers victory to win the North Island Midget title. Hodgson drove away from the field in the early stages, clearly the fastest car in the field.

A caution on lap 10 for American star Zach Daum brought the field close together, setting up the second half of the race. Hodgson initially gapped Hayden Williams but as the laps wound down, Williams closed in. The battle culminated in a multi effort slide job attack. Williams sliding in front of Hodgson, only to see Hodgson respond by cutting back mid-corner every time. With two to go Williams tried again to slide in front of Hodgson in town bend but couldn’t clear him, losing momentum and handing a race winning gap to the ecstatic champion.

Behind them, Brock Maskovich had his hands full with another F2 graduate, Brett Morris Jr. Maskovich eventually prevailing for third. It was heartbreak for defending North Island Sprintcar champion Jamie Larsen. Having established a race defining lead, Larsen pulled infield allowing Wellington visitor Stephen Taylor to take the lead. Indeed, the local contingent were in danger of missing the podium altogether prior to Larsen’s demise with Matthew Leversedge running in third.

Daniel Eggleton rose up for the local contingent, making a move on Leversedge to snag the second spot. The gap to Taylor was too large in a race that ran without a stoppage, the Wellingtonian taking his second North Island Sprintcar title. The underrated Dion Kendall a brilliant forth. The race timed 32 seconds outside the 25-lap track record established by Jonathan Allard in 2016.

National champion Jeremy Webb was in a class of his own, taking a commanding win in the TQ feature. Ryan Barry and Cole Morrison rounded out a podium notable for the absence of the Baker brothers who came home 5th and 6th. Mitch Osborne made amends for his opening night feature dnf in the F2 Midgets, leading home Travis Buckley and Leyton Kendall. Emerson Vincent led home Keiano Weir and Alec Insley in the Quarter Midgets.

Our attention turns to the next show at Western Springs with the opening round of the Porter Hire International Sprintcar Series this Saturday December 7, featuring Craig Dollansky and Shane Stewart for team USA and Jamie Veal and David Murcott for team Australia.

Heat 1 – Hayden Williams, Ryan O’Connor, Brock Maskovich, Peter Hunnibell, Travis Buckley
Heat 2 – Shayne Alach, Caleb Antonio-Rooney, Zach Daum, Aaron Hodgson, Max Guildford
Heat 3 – Aaron Hodgson, Michael Brunt, Shayne Alach, James Cossey, Hayden Williams
Heat 4 – Brett Morris Jnr, Duane Hickman, Zach Daum, Max Guildford, Brock Maskovich
Semi-Main – Hayden Guptill, Breyton Davison, Ben Commetti, Brad Hollier, Joe Malone
Feature – Aaron Hodgson, Hayden Williams, Brock Maskovich, Brett Morris Jr, Peter Hunnibell

Heat One – Rodney Wood, Kerry Brocas, Jamie Larsen, Keaton Dahm, Daniel Eggleton
Heat Two – Dean Brindle, Matthew Leversedge, Jamie Larsen, Tyler Radovan, Dave Witton
Heat Three – Stephen Taylor, Daniel Eggleton, Dion Kendall, Dean Shadbolt, Matthew Leversedge
Feature – Stephen Taylor, Daniel Eggleton, Matthew Leversedge, Dion Kendall, Dean Brindle

Heat One – Aaron Humble, Ryan Baker, Jeremy Webb, Josh Melrose, Troy Pennington
Heat Two – Jakeb Le Cren, Cole Morrison, Jeremy Webb, Morgan McHugh, Ben Morrison
Heat Three – Peter Hunnibell, Scott Baker, Ryan Barry, Harrison Martens, Gina Harris
Feature – Jeremy Webb, Ryan Barry, Cole Morrison, Jakeb Le Cren, Ryan Baker

Heat One – Brad McCutcheon, Sam Cometti, Eric Smith, Corbin Anderson, Ben Matthews
Heat Two – Brynn Jackson, Mitch Osborne, Travis Buckley, Corbin Anderson, Brad Robertson
Heat Three – Leyton Kendall, Lindsay Gate, Ben Mathews, Travis Buckley, Mitch Osborne
Feature – Mitch Osborne, Travis Buckley, Corbin Anderson, Leyton Kendall, Brad McCutcheon

Heat One – Keiano Weir, Emerson Vincent, Jack Groenewald, Kate Groshinski, Cole Robertson
Heat Two – Bryce Pennington, Emerson Vincent, Reagan Edwards, Alec Insley, Shayden Austin
Feature – Emerson Vincent, Keiano Weir, Alec Insley, Shayden Austin, Cole Robertson