Track 2

There are a couple of slight changes that the team have been working on over the past weeks and we are set to go with the Practice on Saturday 27th October.
The changes include:
• The addition of extra Pit Spaces in both the Midget/F2 Midget and the Kiwi Kidz Pit areas.
• The dummy grid outside of Gate Entry has been painted and this year will be framed by barrier blocks to avoid pedestrians accidentally stepping out in front of a race car.
• If you look closely at the photo you may see that we have covered the lower part of the fence with a finer mesh to stop the track material flying through the fence into the crowd.
• We have removed approx. five truck and trailer loads of base material from the track to remove the shoulder that has been in the track for years, this will help widen the racing line.
As a result of the track changes there is now a consistent shape to the track surface across its’ entire width.
• The installation of the barrier blocks to protect the staff members out on the infield.
Gates open at 10:30am on Saturday 27th October for the first Practice, come along to see the new cars, drivers and teams. The day is free for everyone and we expect the on-track practice to begin at 1pm and end by 4pm. If the day is rained off, we will run the next day at the same time.
Season Passes will be on sale from 10:30am at the track, and this will be last time these can be purchased at the season pass pricing.
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