Father & Son Duo – Brad Robertson F2 24A – Cole Robertson ¼ midget 24A


Q: How did you and Cole get into racing?
A: Brad – I married Donna McCutcheon and helped her brother Chris on his first midget. A great mate and crew member “Gazza” (Gary Chamberlain) passed away suddenly after racing one night and it made me realise that life is too short for regrets so I started racing the following season.
A: Cole – My first trip to Western Springs Speedway was when I was just 2 weeks old. I’ve always watched my uncle Chris and my older cousin Matty race. Uncle Chris gave me a go in Matty’s quarter midget and I loved it and started racing when I was 9 years old.

Q: You must be super busy on race night having two cars to look after as well as racing yourself! What’s your usual routine on race night?
A: All the hard work is done in the race shop during the week preparing both cars. Once we get to the track we get set up and our team all enjoy the great atmosphere in the build up to the racing. I love having Cole racing with me.
Q: There must be times when you’re sitting on the dummy grid while Cole is on the track racing which must be hard. Do you have other crew members who cross over from your car to Coles?
A: I’m very lucky to have a great wife in Donna who looks after Cole’s safety during the night. I do any changes or spanner checks on Coles ¼ midget. I have a great crew who take care of the F2 Midget getting it ready for each race. We both get on the dummy grid early to try and watch each other on the big screen.
Q: How do you rate the F2 Midget class and why did you chose to compete in this category?
A: I really enjoy racing in the F2 Midget class, most of the cars are evenly set up. Anyone of the drivers can win the feature on the night. The F2 Midget class is a great entry level class where drivers can learn to race hard and close before moving up to midgets or sprint cars.
Q: For a lot of us, speedway can be a home away from home. What sort of hobbies or activities do you do away from the race shop or the track to take your mind off things?
A: Both Cole and I support Kiera (Cole’s sister) at all her netball games. In the winter we are hard out with the Howick Hornets. I’ve been coaching Cole’s league team since he started playing. We love going up to our Caravan in Mangawhi to enjoy some R&R as a family.
Q: For both you and Cole, what has been your biggest high and lowest low during your racing career?
A: Brad – Highest would be coming 2nd in the Barry Butterworth F2 feature 2013-14. Lowest is snapping my Achilles tendon 2 weeks before the start of last season.
A: Cole – Highest. Was winning my first feature at Rosebank Speedway and getting Rookie of the year in the ¼ midget club last season. Lowest low was the last meeting at the springs when I crashed into a spun out car and rolled destroying my front end.
Q: Do you have any major goals in your racing.
A: It would be a dream for both Cole and I to race in the midget international series together. Look out 2020!