F2 Midget Class reaches new ‘highs’


It wasn’t that long ago we had this new class start at Western Springs with slightly less than ten cars competing each night. This class was designed by Bill Buckley specifically for the venue to provide an entry level of racing to newcomers to the sport of Speedway.
This week we can confirm that the class has now swelled to a total of 29 cars. This is testament to the original concept and we now have approached the point where we are overflowing and may soon struggle to fit them all in the place.
This season the class competes every night at the venue, 11 of the rounds are designated as Western Springs National Series rounds. This is the local Series that they race for over the entire season, which is now hotly contested. The drivers and equipment have stepped it up and we will see some of the best wheel to wheel racing of all time in the class this season.
The class travels to Bay Park on the 28th December to support the United Truck Parts International Midget Series. They will love the wide-open space there with the potential of them racing 4 wide at that venue.
“The class is a great way to get into Speedway”, said Mike Pipes – President, “we have a bunch of fun off the track and it can get very serious out on the track, we all love it” he said.
Most of the cars will be on display at the ‘Testing Day’ at Vodafone Speedway on Saturday 28th October, its free for everyone and the first session starts around noon.
For all info and ticket enquiries go to www.springsspeedway.om