Eyes to the rear at Western Springs Speedway tonight 


All eyes will be on the back of the pack in tonight’s inaugural midget eliminator event at WXC Speedway – Western Springs in Auckland. 

Drivers will compete in a series of sprints with the last-placed car being removed from the race every two laps; this process will continue until there is just one car remaining: the winner. 

Auckland’s Hayden Williams is no stranger to this unique format and will enter tonight’s race as favourite, having won two features already this season. 

“I have raced in a similar style of event in Australia and quite enjoyed it so this is something I’ve been looking forward to,” said the 24-year-old. 

“Being such short bursts of speed it provides close and entertaining racing for the fans but also a real challenge for the drivers as there is no room for error; one mistake and your night could be over.”  

Strategy will play a major role as drivers self-select their starting positions by choosing the next car to start in front of them on the grid. 

“My strategy will largely depend on my starting position, but basically it will be about keeping my nose clean and out of trouble to be there for the dash at the end,” said Williams. 

Williams has enjoyed a stellar summer, finishing on the podium five times and earning a career-best second place in the World 50-lap Classic earlier this month. 

“We’ve had an awesome run of late and overall had a really good season; hopefully we can win a couple more races as there are some big ones coming up both here in New Zealand and in Australia,” he said. 

Tonight’s meeting will also include sprint cars, sidecars, TQ midgets, F2 midgets and Kiwi Kidz; gates open at 4pm with racing from 6.15pm.