Everyone now on a level playing field


Everyone knows by now that the track surface at Vodafone Speedway is changing. The last two seasons has provided a great race surface, however the consequence has been the dust. So the plan going forward is to replace the track with a material that hopefully delivers on both counts, great to race on, and little or no dust.
The photo above is what it looks like as of the beginning of this week. The track prep team have cut the shape into the bottom of the track. The lower part of the track is almost level. There would be a slight gradient of around 4-6% down at this part of the track.
Then the top line nearer the wall will have a gradient of around 17 – 19%. Ignore the piles of dirt as they are there to be picked up and trucked out of the venue. There is still approx. 20 truck and trailer loads to be removed.
The track team are pressing on, hoping for better weather, as the 29th October looms. The plan is to put the track through its paces at the Practice Sessions to see how it responds.
Fingers crossed we have a track that everyone appreciates.